Energy Wise

Green Venture delivers community-based energy-focused initiatives designed to:

  • help residents reduce energy use
  • improve the health of our community
  • provide support to help residents adopt renewable energy

Enbridge Gas Winterproofing program

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.'s Home Winterproofing Program

Enbridge Gas Distribution is currently offering insulation and draft proofing for Enbridge Gas customers who qualify, at no cost to the participants. Green Venture, a member of Green Communities Canada, is pleased to offer Niagara residents Enbridge Gas Distribution's Home Winterproofing Program (formerly known as the Home Weatherization Program)

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Home Energy Audits 

Green Venture has over twenty years of experience in conducting home energy audits under the EnerGuide Rating system. 

Union Gas Home Reno Rebate program 2014

Union Gas Home Renovation Rebate Program 

Union Gas Customers in south central Ontario may be eligible to participate in the utility's Home Renovation Rebate program. As a member of Green Communities Canada, Green Venture can assist you in navigating this program. Green Venture services Hamilton, Burlington, Haldimand, Norfolk, and Niagara. 

To hear a radio spot promoting the program, click on the file attachment at the bottom of this page.
UPDATE- this program is available now in 2015. 

Please note that Green Venture does not currently offer auditing services for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings.

Solar Services

Green Venture offers solar assessments.  A solar assessment is a desirable prerequisite for the Ontario MicroFIT program. A solar assessment produces a comprehensive report on the suitability of your site for solar PV, solar hot water, and solar thermal heating. In addition, Green Venture also examines your passive solar needs, provides educational content about solar power, and makes unbiased third-party recommendations. 

Green Venture Solar Services

Prices for MicroFIT solar for rooftops, effective August 26, 2013: 39.6 cents/kWh


Commercial and Institutional Resource Assessments

    Green Venture conducts resource assessments on a variety of building types; analyzing energy and water consumption, waste and transportation practices.  A report is generated providing historical energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Solutions are provided within the report to reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills. A resource assessment often serves the institutional or commercial client as a prerequisite for a government rebate or grant application. Call us (905-540-8787, ext 115) to see about current availabilty of this service. 


     The ecoENERGY Retrofit service is delivered by Green Venture under agreement with Green Communities Canada.

    ecoENERGY Initiatives help Canadians use energy more efficiently, boost renewable energy supplies and develop cleaner-energy technologies. The energy assessment offers a service developed by Natural Resources Canada and/or the Government of Canada. By using energy more efficiently, Canadians can reduce emissions produced through energy use and contribute to clean air, water and energy and a healthy environment.


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